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Voting is an essential means of electing a representative or leader of a group; as usual, the voting system is by ballot boxes where the voters are called to vote first then the countdown takes place thereafter. This manual system takes a lot of time to count and sometimes it happens where errors can occur in the counting or the theft of ballot boxes… this is how to overcome this problem, the online voting system has seen the day. This second system has several advantages such as time management, clarity in counting, real-time evolution of results …


The first in the history of the Chadian student union that the online voting system is developed to manage the presidential elections of the Union of Chadian students in Turkey and Cyprus (UDETTC).

The system was developed to facilitate the vote organized by the UDETTC. In this system, each voter has an account with a username and password. Once connected, he has the right to vote only once by clicking to select the candidates of his choice. Once the user has completed his vote, the system automatically redirects him to another page where he can follow the voting progress in real-time. Besides the voters, the system has a real-time results progress page that allows anyone to follow the progress of the results.