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“Employee management system” is one of our previous projects for employee management. Every business or company needs to track and control what their employees do; to know which employees came to the workplace or which one did not come; which workers deserve bonuses according to their work or which one are supposed to be punished by reducing their salary etc. To overcome these problems, The system will help the manager of the company or the institution to make a general follow-up of his employees and to see the important details for making certain decisions.

“Employee management system” is made up of several windows, the welcome page  represents the login page, this page allows the director or members of the company to log into the system. Once the director or the owner of the institution log-in, the home page or his main page will be displayed, from there, he can add a new employee, add bonuses to an employee, make a reduction on an employee’s salary or track employees login; Each of these activities has a specific button that allows them to do what they want just by clicking on the button.