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A system that generates the exact address of a locality. The purpose of this application is to allow each citizen to know his exact address, in other words, know where he lives. The exact address can be used for several purposes such as online shopping, cargo, parcel forwarding and other activities requiring the address of the individual. Besides, adressy allows citizens to visit themselves without using Google map, by using adressy, a person can find exactly the house of his friend, which is not the case with Google map.
The Adressy application is developed in java, it allows a user to automatically generate his address or to see addresses previously used. This technique also allows the user to easily recognize the addresses of certain places in his locality. A generated address can also be shared on social networks with friends, which allows the user to easily share the addresses of certain public places such as hospitals or clinics …
Projet de 4 semaines
Coût du projet 800 $
Conçu et développé par:
Yusuf Jalal
Client satisfait
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